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Welcome to your One Stop Shop for all your natural, handmade, chemical free personal care products. 

Are you looking for products that are natural, work well, are affordable, and the entire family can use?  Well, let me introduce you to Gwen's Blends.  Gwen's Blends carry a line of natural, handmade, skin care, hair care, and bath & beauty products for the entire family.   We even make natural dog shampoo for your family pet.  All of our products are made with high quality, natural ingredients that contain the vitamins and minerals that your skin and hair need.  There are no chemicals, parabens, or alcohol in these products.  Our products are also very versatile.
They have been credited with helping you  exfoliate, detox, moisturize, anti-aging effects, firming & tightening the skin, nourishing & strengthening your hair, etc. (please see reviews)

Health has always been a big part of my life.  I stayed away from junk food ( for the most part.) And I worked to instill healthy eating habits in my two daughters. Naturally, they ate fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and herbs. They weren't allowed to eat sugary cereals or snacks as children either. I know they hated this. To them, we never had food in the house because our food wasn't pre-cooked. It was mostly raw vegetables and grains. As children, they picked fresh blackberries from our backyard for Sunday morning pancakes. We drank filtered and spring water long before bottled water was fashionable. And our lotions, skin creams, and aloe vera juice were ordered from a mail order health food distributor. This is how my girls were raised.

As they grew up, they discovered new health routines and remedies. They began to educate me. So, when they went looking for soaps,lotions, and hair products that were chemical-free and toxin-free, I wanted to help. I started by making soap, and I used the best ingredients that I could find ̶ food-grade ingredients that would do no harm.

Before long, I had soap blends, and various other blends for skin and hair. So, we called them Gwen's Blends. . They really are healthy blends – products designed to promote healthy skin and hair...naturally.  Your One Stop Shop to a Healthy Lifestyle. 

P.S. We believe in giving back to the community. 3% of all sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society. 

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