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 In our childhood householdcookies and cakes were difficult to find. There weren't any “kid friendly” cereals or soda either. Those food items were on the unacceptable list. Instead, we drank aloe vera juice, cranberry juice, or water. We ate bran based cereals. (This was what  we knew, so we didn't think to say... “YUCK!”)  Mom was a health nut.  On occasion, we were allowed to drink ginger ale or the occasional semi-healthy snack . But rarely, would you find chips or even crackers in our pantry. Instead, there was lettuce, corn, mushrooms, broccoli, and alfalfa sprouts. To my dismay, many of those items ended up in a salad of some sort on my plate. With those eating habits, not surprisingly, my sister and I were the skinniest kids on the block.   But over time we grew to appreciate, adopt, and even expand upon my mother's healthy living diet and lifestyle.  She had a knack for creating tasty healthy foodsan ideology that spilled over into many areas of my life.  

 Years later when a itchy rash suddenly appeared on my entire body, I immediately knew it was from one of my many bath and body products, but I didn't know which one.  It took a week of eliminating one bath and body product a day to discover that a chemical in my shower gel was causing the rash.  This, along with conventional soaps which always left a white residue on my skin, products that sent me to the dermatologist after two weeks, and lotions that left my skin dry, made me wonder, “what's in this stuff?”  In 2006, I discovered the harmful effects from the chemicals in food and bath and body products; shortly thereafter I vowed to make a change. Those chemicals were linked to all kinds of skin conditions and ailments, hair loss, and even aided in the progression of certain illnesses. Since skin is an organ, it absorbs nearly everything, sixty percent of what is put on it.  My sister and I decided to create a chemical-free hair and skin routine. To seal the deal, I chopped my chemically processed hair off and decided to start over. The only problem was...we couldn't find natural skin care or hair care products that worked.  Some natural skin products made my oily skin break out.  Some natural hair products left white residue in my hair or made it hard , crunchy, unmanageable, and dry.

Mom to the rescue!  After a lot of research, she began by making soaps.  Next, came lotions and body creams.  Early variations of the lotions ended up in my hair because they seemed to moisturize it; natural hair care products followed suit.  Two years later, we had soap blends, skin blends, and hair blends.  We referred to them as...Gwen's Blends.

We value our skin.  Sixty percent of what we put on it, it absorbs.  So, indirectly our bodies are eating them, absorbing them, and attempting to utilize what we apply on our skin.  That's why we use natural food-grade ingredients in our products.  In other words, our products are edible. (But please don't eat them.) We discovered something.  Natural ingredients full of vitamins, minerals, and natural moisturizers work far better than the chemical-based stuff.  How do we know?

Our customers continually tell us the benefits our products are doing: eczema and other skin conditions lessening or disappearing altogether; hair growth after hair thinning; extremely dry cracked skin becoming soft and supple; dark skin discolorations that begin to fade;and soft, moisturized, shiny, frizz-less hair becomes a daily affair. ( Check out our testimonial page.) 

Our approach is simple. Your Food Is Your Medicine, Your Medicine Is Your Food.  You're not consuming our products by mouth, but your skin and hair are surely absorbing each blend. So, if an ingredient is good for you, natural, and we can source it, then it's in our products.  It's true. Natural ingredients really do pack a powerful punch! 

That's our story. We really hope you enjoy our healthy blends.   We love making them and sharing them with you.

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