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What is the philosophy behind the natural hair care line? 

All hair needs moisture. Some hair types need more. Some need less. The make-up of certain types of hair determine just how much moisture it needs. Straight hair( Type 1) and Wavy hair ( Type 2) need less moisture because they retain much more. They then appear shinier because light reflects off of straight hair much easier. Type 3a, 3b ( Curly),Type 3c ( Kinky-Curly) and Type 4 ( Afro Curls) require much more moisture, and when these types are moisturized with the right ingredients they will not only retain their moisture, but they will hold their curl. The shampoo has moisturizing ingredients as well as type cleansing ingredients. It contains just enough moisturizing ingredients so that Type 1 and Type 2 , may not need a conditioner after washing. Our shampoo conditions while it cleans. Type 3 and Type 4 hair will require more moisture. Our Conditioner and Hair Whips contain enough moisturizing ingredients to moisturize the hair, leaving shiny hair with defined curls. In other words, moisturized hair is stronger and healthier. Moisturized hair holds its curl, yes, even tight curls.  Our products give hair what it needs in its natural form. 

Are your products predominantly for ethnic hair or curly hair? 

Like all of our products, our hair care products are all natural. Making high quality hair care products with natural ingredients is our primary concern. Our products are effective on all hair types, especially ethnic and curly hair because our products moisturize and balance the pH of your hair.  Curly-kinky hair is extremely dry.  Because our products contain lots of moisturizing ingredients,they remedy that problem and produce great results. Moisturized curls look better and over time become stronger, healthier, and less brittle. Those with straighter hair can make use of our all natural shampoos which also contain moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe. Because of this, a follow-up conditioner is may not be necessary for people with Type 1 and possibly Type 2 hair types. The shampoo contains enough conditioning agents to moisturize while it cleans. Even people with dry/straight, or colored treated hair find our hair products quite effective. They have been used on Type 1 to Type 4 hair types with great results. The quality of the natural ingredients render the products' effectiveness.  In other words, yes, our products work well on various types of hair, and they work exceptionally well on dry, color -treated, curly, kinky-curly, and kinky hair due to their moisturizing quality. They really are for everyone. 

How are your products different from other products that also work well on ethnic or curly hair?

Our products are all natural. We do not use chemicals, sulfates, parabens, petroleum, acrylics, plastics, silicone,or alcohol. Many hair products specially designed for ethnic hair include these ingredients, none of which are high-quality ingredients. Many of these products still leave the hair looking dry. Our hair blends create defined curls that both appear moisturized, and are in fact, moisturized. Your hair will look shiny even if you have very tight curls because at last your hair will be moisturized. Unlike other products that achieve defined curls by making the hair hard ( like gel) , crunchy, or sticky, our hair products define and moisturize hair and still leave it touchable, not hard. Much the way our skin care products nurture the skin, our hair care products nurture the hair, creating healthier better looking hair. No other hair products have vitamins and minerals incorporated into the product to feed your hair.  Our hair products don't just make your hair look better, they make it healthier while they do it. 

How is it possible that the same hair products can work on a variety of different hair textures?

Generally, all hair needs the same things. It needs moisture, vitamins, and minerals to be healthy. Sometimes people believe that a hair product will not work on their hair if it works on another texture of hair unlike their own.  Normally, this is the case if those products do not contain the ingredients that the hair needs, but that is not the case with our hair products. We take what the hair needs into account; since hair generally needs the same things to be healthy, our products work across the board. People that don't require as much moisture simply do not need to use them as often, perhaps, once or twice a week instead of daily.  We also consider the different variables that makes people's hair differerent, like hair thickness and thinness, softness and hardness, and the hair's coarseness. We've formulated our products to account for these different variables and make it possible to choose the proper producy for your hair type. For example, the Heavy Hair Whip is effective on both soft thick hair and coarse thin hair.

How is the application of product different for curly hair and straight hair? Why is it important to apply the product differently?

Straight hair is like a sheet of paper, one dimensional. Curly hair is like a slinky, three-dimensional. When applying product to straight hair it is perfectly okay to put product in your hands and rub it over the top of the hair. With straight hair, this is enough to distribute the product so that it works effectively. With curly ( Curly, kinky, kinky-curly)  hair, this is not. Product must be raked through the hair to cover all three sides and distributed so that it works effectively. It is important to apply the product differently because the structure of straight hair and curly hair is very different and they require different application techniques in order to be effective.

How do I get my hair to look curly like that?

This is a three-part question.

Part 1 is for people that have Type 4 hair and have definite curls, but curls that are hard to define.

 Sometimes people want their Type 4 hair to curl like Type 3 hair. Our products define your curl pattern; they can also lengthen the curl, moisturize it, and even zap frizz, but they do not change curl patterns. They define what you have. Only chemicals and manual manipulation of the hair can change the looseness of the curls. Type 4 hair will not have curls like Type 3 hair even when good products are applied, again unless a chemical is used. For creating bigger curls with Type 4 hair we recommend twisting the hair wet with Hair Lotion or Good Hair Conditioner, and taking them out once dry. ( The twist size determines the curl size. Larger twists = bigger curls. Smaller twists = smaller curls.) We also recommended researching hair styles that work for your particular hair type. Even within hair categories ( Type 4, 3a, 3b, 3c etc.) , EVERYONE's curl pattern is different. No one's hair is exactly alike. With that in mind, it is nearly impossible to make your curls look exactly like someone else's hair. Every hair type has ample opportunity for great style. We're here to help you. Tight curls are good. Loose curls are good. Good hair is healthy hair. Enjoy them!

Part 2 – for people that have a curl pattern that is harder to see and define.

Often when curly hair of any type ( particularly Type 3b, 3c, and 4) is dry and frizzy, it's because the hair is dry and the curls have been separated and/or brushed out. You may think you need more hold or more gel to give them definition, but really you need more moisture. With moisture, curls come to life, yes, even tight curls. You can't see the curls because they haven't been formed into their natural curl pattern. With moisture, they reform into their curl pattern. Then, they are defined; they are moisturized, and yes, they are shiny. We can help them stay that way. Click here.


Part 3- For people that have curly hair but parts of it won't curl.

If you have curly hair but parts of it won't curl, this may be for a few different reasons.

Reason 1. You may have a few different hair textures and one of those hair textures may have a looser curl than the others. In this case, we would say don't use heavy products ( that weigh it down) and use less product on the parts of your hair where it is straighter. Scrunch your hair with product in it . Dry it with a diffuser.

Reason 2. You may be permanently changing your hair pattern by using ceramic irons or by using heat that is too hot for your hair. Frequent straightening can cause permanently straight hair. Using the ceramic iron can cause this as well, and it may only take one use with a ceramic iron for this to occur.  Both of these reasons keep your hair from curling. Hair that has been permanently straightened with a flat iron is irreversible. Our advice- try not to use ceramic irons when you straighten your hair, and advise your hairstylist to do the same. Frequent straightening and ceramic irons burn off the layer of your hair that gives it elasticity and subsequently, prevent it from curling. Once your curl is gone, it's gone. Nothing can bring it back.  It has to be nipped off and grown out if you want to regain your curl.  :(  The people that are most susceptible to this are the people with the tighter curls and fine hair. Try other options to straighten your hair, like blow dryers and non-ceramic flat irons. Try not to straighten your hair as often if you like to wear your hair curly.

Will the products make my hair hard or crunchy? Do they work like a gel? 

No, our products will not make your hair hard like gel often does. In fact, our products will not dry your hair out like gel.  Most people think they need more hold to define their curls when in reality they simply need more moisture.  The philosophy behind our hair care line is that if your hair is moisturized, it will hold its own curl. If it's moisturized, it will be stronger, less prone to breakage, and split ends.  You don't need gel if you seal in the moisture. Gel works like an over coat on your hair, making the hair hard to lock it in place, but also making it brittle. This makes it dry and prone to breakage.  If it breaks, then your hair loses length. Our products moisturize your hair from the inside and seal in the moisture, thereby moisturizing and strengthening your hair.  Moisturized curly hair holds it own curl, rendering gels and curling creams useless. Our products add the moisture back in your hair and lock it in, leaving your hair soft, moisturized, and defined without the use of gel.  In other words, they strengthen the hair and make it less prone to breakage. When you put the moisture back in your hair and seal it in, your hair strengthens and lengthens.    Our Hair Whips do have a bit of hold, but they still do not make your hair hard or crunchy anything comparable to the hardness of gel.

What do I do to moisturize my hair if I have more than 1 texture of hair?

Often varying hair textures appear in sections.  For example, your hair types could be mostly 3c, 4a on the top, and 3b in the back. We recommend using the conditioner as a base to moisturize your hair. If you still require more moisture for tighter sections of your hair, we recommend using the Hair Lotion or one of the Hair Whips to moisturize your other textures of hair when you need it. The Heavy Whip is great for thicker and coarser hair, or hair that is 4a/4b and finds it difficlut to hold moisture. Which product you use will depend upon the hair texture, thickness, and softness of your hair.

How do I know if my hair has a definite curl pattern that can be worn as a wash and go?
Wet your hair. Then, rake your fingers through it. If you can see your curls start to clump together into obvious ringlets or spirals, then you have a definite curl pattern and it can be defined and moisturized. If you have softer hair or coarser hair, you may need to apply product to your hair when you do this to see the result.
Do I still need to Co-Wash?  Can I Co-Wash with your Conditioner?
Co-washing ( washing your hair using conditioner) is a personal preference.  The most common reason for co-washing is because most shampoos strip the hair of all of its oils when it cleans the hair.  For curly (curly, kinky, wavy) haired people this is extremely drying since this type of hair is already dry and generally needs every drop of moisture it can absorb.  With that said, our Good Hair Conditioner and Shampoo Bar do not strip the hair of all of its oils when it cleans.  It fact, they condition while they clean.  Both shampoos contain, aloe vera, shea butter, and jojoba oil to condition the hair while it cleans.  Your hair will not feel like its been sucked dry when you finish shampooing.  In other words, it's okay to wash your hair with actual shampoo now. So, yes, we recommend washing your hair with one of our shampoos as part of your regular routine. Your hair will be moisturized, clean, and soft.  We do not, however,  recommend co-washing with our conditioner.  It contains oils and moisturizing ingredients and is not designed for co-washing.  Instead, our shampoo creates a co-washing effect since clean moisturized hair is the result.  People with Type 1 (straight) and Type 2 (Wavy) hair types may not need an additional conditioner after shampooing with one our shampoos.


How do I determine my hair type and which product to use?

Here is a general rule of thumb. Take a look at your hair and consider it's softness/ hardness, thickness/thinness/ coarseness and hair pattern. The hair guide (the chart that demonstrates the curl of Hair Type1 through Hair Type 4)  only considers the curl of the hair. For determining a hair product, you must consider all of the additional factors listed above. With our current list of products, the following below is a general rule of thumb.

                    Heavy Hair Whip- Works best on the following hair types:

                                                 soft, thick hair

                                                 coarse hair

                                                (will weigh hair down 3c hair)

                                                hair that shrinks a lot

                                                Hair Types 4- 4c

                     Light Hair Whip- Works well on the following hair types:

                                                 fine to medium hair

                                                 soft fine Type 4 hair

                                                 Type 3b, 3c hair

                       Hair Lotion- Works well on the following hair types:

                                                   dry hair, colored treated hair

                                                   Type 2- 4c ( as a moisturizer/ styling aid)

                                                   Good Hair Conditioner- All Hair Types ( as an overall wash out conditioner)

                                                   hair that tangles easily

                                                   on Type 3b- 4c hair as a base moisturizer and leave-in

                     Good Hair Shampoo and Shampoo Bar- All Hair Types

            (Hair Types 1 and 2 will probably not need an additional conditioner, as the Good Hair Shampoo

            and Shampoo Bar are both very moisturizing.)

How do you get your hair like that? ( What's your hair routine?)

We get this question a lot in our daily lives from strangers as we go about our day. We each have different hair lengths and different hair types. So, our hair routines vary. Our hair routines are as follows.

Mya's Hair Routine  Hair Types ( 3b, 3c, and 4a )   Length of hair 18 inches

Wet hair in the shower. Apply conditioner and comb hair with conditioner in it from the ends to root ( not root to ends).Work from the bottom up, working out the tangles. ( I finger comb my hair for the most part. I do use a wide tooth comb on occasion if it is really tangled. I do this because too much combing gives my hair split ends.) I leave the Good Hair Conditioner in my hair. Rake the product through the hair, and squeeze sections of my hair (with the product in it) if I need to really get the product in. I do this in four sections- the front, back, and sides.  I apply the Light Hair Whip on the Type 4 section of my hair over the conditioner ( on the top of my hair) where the curls are tighter, wrapping those coils around my finger to minimize frizz. I style as usual. Let hair air dry or dry with a diffuser.  ( This process takes 15 minutes at the most.) On second day hair, if necessary, I re-wet my hair on the parts of my hair that need it, in other words, the parts that look dry or frizzy. The product re-activates. I add more product if I need it. Most days, I at least re-wet my hair, even if I don't add more product. It tends to look better. ( My hair retains its curl without manipuIation or twists.) I  let it air dry or use a diffuser.   When my hair feels too oily, I wash it with the Shampoo Bar. ( This is just my perference, I prefer the bar.)

Gwen's Hair Routine   Hair Type ( 3b and 3c)   Length of hair 2 inches

Spritz hair with water to get hair damp. Apply Hair Lotion or Good Hair Conditioner. I rake the product through the hair using my fingers like a comb from front to back. I use my thumb and index finger to pinch a group of strands of the hair, and I pull up to distribute the product, while twisting the hair around my finger. This helps to define the curls. I do this all around my head. It takes about 5 minutes or less. I allow my hair to air dry. On second day, hair, I spritz water where I need it, and add product where I need it.  Then, I  allow the my hair to air dry as usual.  

Akilah's Hair Routine  Hair Type (4a and 4b)   Length of hair 12 inches

I wet my hair using a spray bottle. IaApply Good Hair Conditioner or Hair Lotion to each section (depending on how much moisture I need). I sometimes apply the Light Hair Whip on the crown of my head where my hair is thicker.  I twist each section of hair. I use bigger twists for larger curls and smaller twists for smaller curls. I use the Light Hair Whip on the top part of my head where my hair is thicker. Once the twists are dry, I style as usual. Sometimes, I just wear the twists as is. Other times, I remove the twists and wear a twist out with loose curls. I do this process about once a week.

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