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Type 1 hair images

Type 1 Hair – Straight Hair

Straight hair has no curl pattern and is completely straight. It has difficulty holding curl and is the most shiny of the hair types. Straight hair is the least fragile of all the hair types, and can withstand more heat. If it is damaged, it loses its sheen and becomes dull. 

Tips for Type 1s:

  • For oily hair, apply moisturizing conditioners to the ends of hair so as not to over moisturize the hair.  Recommend Shampoo Butter  for shampooing & conditioning Type 1 hair .(Click Here)

Type 2 Hair images

Type 2 – Wavy or (Slight Curl Pattern)

Wavy hair lays close to the scalp. It has a slight curl or wave pattern in the form an S .

2a hair is very fine and straightens easily and easily holds curl.

Examples: Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts

Celebs with Type 2a Hair

2b hair is thicker with a medium texture. It has a tendency to frizz. Recommend the Shampoo Butter for shampooing and conditioning Typa 2 hair .(Click Here)

Examples: Joss Stone, Nelly Furtado

Celebs with Type 2a Hair

2c hair is thicker, coarser, and more resistant to styling. It frizzes much easier than the previous hair types. Reccomend the Hair Lotion for moisturing and getting rid of the frizzes. (Click Here)

Examples: Dasiy Fuentes, Brittany Snow

Celebs with Type 2a Hair

Tips for 2a, 2b, and 2c:

  • Use lighter hair products that don't weigh your hair down.

  • Use duckbill clips at the crown of your head to lift curls, and add volume.

  • Let the hair air dry or use a diffuser.

  • Once hair is dry, add a little bit of styling cream or moisturizer and gently smooth it over curls.

  • Don't use a comb or brush on dry curls.

Type 3- Curly (Spirals)

Curly hair has a definite S pattern. The curls are springy and well defined. Curly hair is easily styled with a blow dryer. Usually, the hair is fine , not coarse, with quite a bit of hair to work with.

3a curls are big and bouncy. The circumference is about the size of a quarter.

Examples: Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman

Celebrities with Type 3a Hair

3b curls are usually medium sized cork screws. The circumference is about the size of a sharpie.

Examples:  Kerri Russell

Celebrities with Type 3a Hair

Tips for 3a and 3b:

  • Use moisturizers and styling aids that offer curl definition

  • Use products and oils that help to control frizz. Hair Lotion  (Click Here)

  • Use duck bill clips to lift the hair at the root

  • Comb hair with conditioner in it.  Good Hair Conditioner moisturizes and detangles hair.  (Click Here)

  • Never use a comb or brush on dry hair

  • Allow hair to air dry or use a diffuser

  • Rake product through the hair to distribute the product. Recomment Shampoo Butter and Hair Lotion for moisturizing and enhancing your curls.

Type 3c-  Curly (Corkscrews)

These curls are tight cork screws. The circumference is the size of a pencil or a drinking straw. This hair type is mostly refered to as Kinky-Curly. The curls are usually fine in texture, not coarse. The curls can be densely packed together or very loose. This hair type can be blow dried straight, but it may be more challenging. 3c hair is the driest of the Type 3 curls and requires more moisture. Because of the springiness and tightness of the curl, 3c curls shrink more than 3b and 3a curls. (Note* It's common to have more than one curl pattern. )

Examples: Rachel True, Anne Ilzoneh, Sweet Rush

Celebs with Type 3c Hair

Tips for 3c:

  • Use thicker styling creams and butters.  Heavy Hair Whip for stying and Hair Lotion for stying and moisturiizng .(Click Here)

  • Use moisturizing conditioner Good Hair Cnditioner  (Click Here)

  • Be gentle. 3c hair is fragile.

  • Only comb and detangle hair with conditioner in it

  • Never use a brush or comb on dry hair ( unless it is to create a desired style.)

  • Rake product through the hair to distribute the product

Type 4 Hair- (Afro Curls) 

Type 4 hair is kinky or kinky/curly with a tightly curled pattern. These coils are very bouncy and tight. Type 4 hair can vary across the board. It can be wiry, coarse, or fine with lots of densely packed coils. Type 4 hair is the most fragile since it has fewer cuticle layers to protect it from combing, brushing, blow-drying, and straightening. Be gentle with it. It can shrink from 40 to 75 % of it's hair length.

4a has a visible tight cork screw pattern. It looks like an S pattern when it is stretched out. These curls are similar to 3c curls, but smaller in diameter. The circumference is often the size of a small knitting needle or crochet needle, and is prone to frizziness.

Example: Kelis( 3c/4a) , Beyonce,  Jessica Szohr ( 3c/4a)

Celebs with Type 4a hair

4b hair has a zig zag pattern, but no definite S pattern when stretched out. The hair strands tend to have sharp angles, and a soft cotton-like feel.

Examples: Macy Gray, Erykah Badu, Esperanza Spalding, 

4c- hair are the tightest and most fragile curls of the pack. 4C curls have a very tightly cork screw curl pattern. The hair is extremely bouncy and springy. It shrinks up to 75% of its length. The curls do not pack densely together, but appear as individual separate strands.

Celebs with Type 4 Hair

Tips for Type 4s:

  • comb and detangle hair wet with conditioner in it  Good Hair Conditione  (Click Here)

  • use lots of products with moisturizing ingredients and conditioners Hair Lotion and Heavy Hair Whip  (Click here)

  • do not comb or brush hair dry unless it is to create a desired style

  • rake product through hair to make sure it truly covers all the hair strands

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