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Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
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Relax, and make each bath a special treat by transforming your bath into a luxurious spa experience that leaves your skin soft and silky.  In the tub, the bath bomb fizzes and releases skin softening almond oil and epsom salt, while the essential oils, add fragrance to your bath water.  Makes a great gift package.

Includes 4 Bath Bombs
4 Scents-(Lavender, Jasmine, Ocean Rain,  Lemongrass/Orange)
Each Bath Bomb is 3 oz. 

Detox, Soften, Relax
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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ZADxUBULI was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undertansdable. Written by Pypper on Fri 28 Dec 2012 4:01:27 AM GMT
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