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Citrus Orange
Citrus Orange
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Citrus Orange Soap is a unisex natural soap; and it shines bright. The color of an orange, this soap gets its color from annetta seed, but smells like citrus fruit in the forest -- a strange combination -- but it smells great. Citrus Orange Soap has an olive oil base. It also contains cornmeal and shea butter. The cornmeal exfoliates; shea butter moisturizes. So, now you can exfoliate, clean, and moisturize with one bar of soap. Both sexes are sure to enjoy this natural soap and its rich lather.  100% Natural

Scented with Orange Essential Oil,which has been shown to soothe dry and acne prone skin as well as promote the production of collagen.

Try it, you'll see. 

Oops, we meant Sunset.

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